Ibn Saud's eloquence
Ibn Saud's eloquence
"There was speaking before me an Abraham or a Job, the voice of that old Semite wrath. The swirling current of his talk swept one away, cling as one might to the banks of Western thought."

"The King speaks forcibly and well, decorating his conversations with old Arab proverbs, bedouin sayings and quotations from the Holy Qur'an. When he is speaking on diplomatic and political business he generally speaks at considerable length, arranging his facts to be noted by the listener in the clearest way, point by point to the climax, whereupon he leans back, shifts his position somewhat and smiles with appealing charm. His freshness and clearness of view would be remarkable anywhere, but came with double hitting power in the heart of Arabia. We were to have many instances of this during our stay."

Gerald de Gaury, British Arabist

"The King was a superb conversationalist and debater, and most eloquent in all his speeches. His self-control was such that I cannot remember him ever speaking a word out of place or a word too many, and I never knew him to say anything which he might later regret or wish to withdraw. His ordinary speech was full of cunning metaphors, proverbs and wise saying which were always to the point, and were such a delight to listen to that one wished he would never stop. He could always find exactly the right remark or proverb to cover any situation."

Mohammed Almana in Arabia Unified

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