Ibn Saud's accessibility
Ibn Saud's accessibility
Ibn Saud's was determined to remain accessible to his people, even when the population of the Kingdom had grown enormously and when affairs of state would have persuaded most men to place some barriers between themselves and men of lowlier rank. Ibn Saud remained true to the custom of Arabia and the contract between the ruler and the ruled. On learning that well-meaning officials were withholding complaints addressed to him through wireless or post, he responded in the following terms;

"Whereas we have been informed that some complaints are addressed to us through wireless or post offices are withheld from us, we hereby order that any complaint submitted to us by any person whatsoever shall be sent to us literally without change. Those concerned shall not delay it or reveal its contents to the person complained of, whether he be a governor or a minister, of low or high rank."

The decree ended;

"We inform all our subjects that we are always ready to receive complaints; if any person submits his complaint to us, he who has been done an injustice will undoubtedly be given his full rights, and he who causes this injustice will be punished as he may deserve. By so doing, we discharge the obligation before God of a sovereign to his people. We pray God to bestow success and blessings on all of us."

The decree was signed simply "Abdul Aziz".

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