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SCP Computers can arrange affordable web design and hosting tailored to your business needs.

The SCP Computers web design service produces professional web sites for businesses and individuals. Our web design service creates individual web sites designed to your requirements where your are involved in the web design from day one.

How do I get a web site?

  1. First you need to register a domain name.
  2. Then you have to decide where you want to host your web site.
  3. Finaly you have to write the web site pages and load the pages and images to the server where your web site is hosted.

How much does it cost?

  1. To register a domain name typically £12.00 per year. For .com .net domains £20.00 per year.
  2. Web hosting can cost anywhere from £40 per year for a basic hosting package, to £2000 per year for a dedicated server.
  3. Web design will cost from £300 for a basic three page web site.

What can SCP Computers do for me?

  1. Register your domain name. The domain will be registered to you as an individual or to your company.
  2. After discussing your requirements with you we will configure the most cost effective web hosting package for your needs.
  3. Design and produce your web site.
  4. Manage the web hosting and domain renewalls when they are due.


  Web Design by SCP Computers  
Web Design and Hosting from SCP Computers  

Free Web Hosting & Domain Registration

When we design and build your web site we will pay your domain registration fee and host your new web site for free for the first year.






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