How Did ibn Saud Raise Money?

How Did ibn Saud Raise Money

You probably know the story of how in the year five hundred and forty-one, King Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia experienced a total meltdown and completely lost his kingdom. His whole regime was crumbling around him and he only had thirty-two years of life left on his reign. He was forced to abdicate and pick a new king who would sign on the dotted line. When he went back to Mecca, the new king was not very impressed with his choice, and he immediately ordered the country to be put under martial law. This prompted the young Abdulaziz to start searching for more cash so that they could have some protection when their fellow countrymen took advantage of them during their time of need. So how did ibn saud raise money?


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It wasn’t easy. The first thing that he had to do was make sure that the wealthy families of Mecca got together and that they didn’t get suspicious of each other since this was very common during those times. They all knew each other, of course, but they didn’t really want to get on each others’ nerves. They were all very good at trading, though. They each had their own private traders, who brought in merchandise from all over Arabia and brought it back to the capital. They also hired scribes and accountants and lawyers and engineers and people who were experts in the various fields of the city.

ibn had made a list of all these people. Then he went around and presented each of them with a fatwa, which was a religious ruling that said that they were to be respected no matter what. Everybody was to be treated equally. This was the first step in establishing a sense of fairness and equality among the members of the family.

Then the king started looking for investors to help him. He had already gathered a large number of traders and they all knew that they were to be paid handsomely for bringing him new clients. That’s why there was so much competition amongst them. This is how did ibn Saud raise money. He called out to every man in the city, telling them that he needed money. A number of them said that they would be happy to help, but only a few of them actually followed through.

This was because many of them didn’t really believe that it was possible for a mere merchant to have the resources to invest in the stock market and then to turn a profit. Some of them had never been making any money on their own. So, of course, these individuals thought that it wasn’t possible to do the same.

That’s why the king had to step in and make a significant investment of his own to create this atmosphere of fairness. There is no doubt that the stock market today is much fairer than it was in Arabia. That’s also the reason that Abu Dhabi has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. People aren’t just being paid whatever they want any more. If you have the right skill, the sky is the limit.

How did ibn Saud raise money? By inviting good people to invest with him. Many wealthy people in the world today have used this opportunity to create great wealth for themselves. You can too!

It’s really not that difficult to learn how did ibn Saud raise money. Once you have a clear vision of what needs to be done, you will be able to get started almost immediately. It’s really not as difficult as you may think. Once you have the right skills and the right attitude, you will find it very easy indeed to raise money and make it happen.

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