How Did Ibn Saudi Get Saudi Arabia?

How Did Ibn Saudi Get Saudi Arabia

In his book “The Last Paradise,” ibn Saud answers the question how did ibn Saud get Arabia. This book provides an interesting insight into the inner workings of kings and their relationships with their advisors, as well as how the relationships between these kings and their wives affected the realm. The book also gives an account of how the Franks established their rule over Mecca and the whole of what became the Islamic world.


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I have heard it said many times that the Franks were the blood thirsty murderers of Islam. This is not true. They were simply following the example of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who had converted to Islam. But this does not negate the fact that the Franks were powerful people who wanted to extend their power. This is why the Franks killed the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and brought about his death. It was because of their insatiable appetite for power and they wanted to retain it at any cost.

During the time of the caliph, his uncle Abu Talib died. His cousin Sulaiman became the new caliph. He appointed his brother Ashraf to take charge of the affairs of the country. Sulaiman died in 6 BB. Many experts say he was murdered by an army general who was jealous of his power and position.

As soon as Ashraf took over the throne, he began to purify the kingdom. He abolished the polytheism practiced by previous emperors. He bannedish Islamic practices such as music, magic, and prayer. This brought about a complete revival among the Arabs of their rich cultural heritage. They began to return to the mosques and Islamic universities.

After a brief time away from the throne, the king died. His son Mustafa became king. Mustafa’s reign was marked by war with the Jews. When the Jews revolted against Mustafa and his military rule, they threatened to kill Mustafa.

Some historians believe that Mustafa had an affair with a Jewess. This would account for the fact that his rule was called into question. Mustafa and the queen fled to Jerusalem. They were joined by Abu Tabil.

In the years following the death of Mustafa, the Jews once again revolted. The Jews once again threatened to kill the Caliph. In response, Mustafa returned to Mecca and again attempted to lead a coup against the Jews. However, the plot was defeated by the Jews. This marked the beginning of Mustafa’s career as a leader of the Muslims.

Afterward, Mustafa was known as Murtada – meaning “the son of Suffering”. Mustafa was again banished from the city. He moved to Samarra and lived there for the remainder of his life. During this time he produced works of historical fiction, which is very rare.

In 612, Mustafa was asked by his uncle to build a church in Samarra. The work of this man was a book that was highly regarded by scholars. The name of the book isarium. It is said that he wrote this work while in prison, possibly while serving his sentence in Mecca.

In the early days, this book was used by the royal family in Mecca. When it was completed, it was displayed in the Ka’ba, or house of the king. Many times it was displayed as a great source of enlightenment. Later it was sold to a learned man, who taught it to a great number of learned men. One of these men, Abu Tabil, kept the book and passed it down to his students.

How did Ibn Saud get Saud al-Qosi written, in those times of ignorance? It may have been written for a certain scholar who lived in Mecca. His life ended tragically, and the book was not included in his funeral inventory. It is very possible that he never knew that it had been written, but it must have been written during his time in Mecca, for he wrote it down and gave it to his students.

One of the greatest things about this book is its beautiful pictures of Mecca and Medina. There are many other books written on the subjects of Mecca and Medina. But, none has ever achieved the beauty that this one has. Anyone who wants to gain a greater insight into Islam should read this book. It is an excellent primer on the subjects of Mecca and Medina.

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