How Many Spouses did Abdulazid ibn Saud have?

How Many Spouses did Abdulazid ibn Saud have

The age old question of how many spouses did Abdulazid ibn Saud have is one that we will probably never be able to answer. This was because the only real way of knowing the answers to this question is by using the letters of the alphabet and doing a quick search on Google. However, we can still make an educated guess as to how many of his descendants actually live in Pakistan today. This is due to some of the letters in Arabic are very similar to English and, if we know what the early Arabs were like, then we can probably figure out how they wrote their language.


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If we were to get a list of how many spouses did Abdulazid ibn Saud have, we would probably find that the answer is very few. There are only so many letters in the Arabic alphabet and obviously once you get to the number 100, there is no more space for adding more letters. Therefore, once you remove the letter that means ‘and’ from the equation, you won’t be able to get any more information out of Google or another online search engine.

If you were to try and get a free online directory, you would get a lot of incomplete information. For example, if you wanted to know how many times your spouse had been with someone new, you would probably get one or two results. However, if you wanted to find out how many wives your ancestors had in common, you would probably get hundreds of results. If you were to get a directory that was totally public, then it would be very expensive to build. Therefore, most likely, even if there was such a database, it wouldn’t be available to the general public.

So, how many spouses did Abdulazid ibn Saud have? It is believed that he had as many as nineteen wives. There is one record of his having twenty-two. The majority of these were recorded in his marriage records while others were recorded in letters that were sent to his other wives.

Some of these were recorded in detail, while others were not. The ones that were recorded detailed were of high quality unlike those that weren’t. If we assume that he had twenty-two wives, then we can deduce that he had as many as one hundred and fifty-four wives. In order to get the other forty-eight, you would have to either travel to their current location or to the other wives. If he was rich, you would probably be able to convince him to let you come and stay.

How many of these thousand plus wives were from the tribe of Quraish and how many were from the tribe of Banu Mustali? Those who were from the Banu Mustali tribe appear to be the more prolific. The most that we know of was eighty-one. The women of the Quraish seem to have had the same number as the Banu Mustali women, but then we don’t know which tribe they came from.

The next question we need to answer is how many of these women married again? This one seems easy enough to answer. However, we have no way of knowing this, nor do we have any indication how many of them married again after the death of their first husband. It appears that there are a maximum of two-hundred and twelve plus wives from the Quraish tribe who remarried after the death of Abdullas and one-hundred and ninety-one from the Banu Mustali.

There were only thirteen children from the Quraish tribe. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that any of those wives of Abdullas did in fact remarry. It is also possible that she was married to more than one man. If so, her husband’s number or numbers are not included in this calculation.

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