How Many Wives Ibn Saud Have?

How Many Wives Ibn Saud Have

How many wives Sultan ibn Abdulaziz fatwa Al-Saud have? This question may be asked by some and their answer will differ. For some the number can be one or none. The number of wives cannot be established, as there is no written record and in the case of Ibn Saud who was one of the leaders of the tribes, he had more than one wife.


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There are many reasons as to how many wives bin Saud has. In his time there were many kingdoms that were fighting among themselves and the womenfolk of the tribes had nothing to do. This led to many desertion of women to find husbands elsewhere. Once this had started, the number of women became a problem.

Therefore once he took over, he arranged for a Feudal Administration which changed the way of women’s conduct in the area. The number of their husbands decreased and the number of their husbands increased. This led to control by the elders of the tribe. Therefore, how many wives bin Saud have depends on the result of his administration.

Many historians have put the number at anywhere between zero and four. However this is a matter of opinion only and we can never really know how many wives bin Saud had. It is possible that during the early years of his regime he had a very small family running around. But it is also possible that his regime changed after he consolidated his hold on power and therefore had more wives than he thought he did.

Some Arabs are known to count by the “haram” which is the word for death. However it is also possible that this tradition developed when Islam spread through Arabia after the death of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). If this was the case then there would have been an increase in the number of people who took up Islam in Arabia. Other historians think that the “haram” was introduced into Arabia long before Islam spread through Arabia. Therefore, how many husbands bin Saud have is impossible to say with absolute certainty.

There are so many reasons why there may be discrepancies in how many figures are given out. For example, the death toll from the battle of Yarmouk may not be as high as the death tolls in other battles. Also the nature of the women in those times was much different to ours today. They were usually single and not married. They also did not have to testify for a man who was accused of rape or adultery as they were generally accepted as being trustworthy and pure.

bin Laden himself was once quoted as saying that there could not be more than two wives at any one time in the life of any Muslim leader. This has led some people to conclude that bin Laden had more than two wives, or that he had many mistresses too. bin Laden is dead, so all these suppositions are false.

How many wives bin Saud has been not the question that should worry you the most. The real question is; how many false premises are you following? Do you base your entire theory around a few facts stated by a dead man? I would say that there is no way bin Laden has more than two wives. The truth of the matter is that there are several.

Some of these facts are just plain old facts. They are common knowledge and you would not see this anywhere else on earth. The fact is however that you cannot base your whole argument on these alone. There must be additional information which you do not know about, which only you, or someone you know do not know.

So, how do we arrive at this number? You arrive at it by looking at how many people you know who have married Bin Laden and if you do not know anyone who has, you will need to visit internet sites where these details are made available. Then you multiply this number by the number of known bin laden coups.

Once you have this number you can come to a reasonable estimate as to how many wives Bin Saud has. There are however a number of factors involved. The first factor is age. If the marriage age is around 17 then this can easily be discounted. The second factor is the country of the bride. Saudi Arabia is a conservative country and many young girls would not be able to get married.

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