How Rich Was ibn Saud?

How Rich Was ibn Saud

Many people ask this question, how rich was ibn Saud? They want to know how much money he had, and where did he have it? Many historians have tried to answer this question, and they have come up with different answers, but no one seems to have any idea where this man came from. The only real clues as to his wealth were his possessions and the properties that his various businesses bought and sold.


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It is believed that he began trading when he was about thirty years old, as he had entered into a partnership with a very wealthy Persian lady, Fatima al-Dahini. This partnership saw them acquire many different properties in different parts of the world, and they used this money to build their wealth. It is believed that ibn Saud became the first Arab trader in the West when he took part in the second Punjabi war. His reputation spread quickly, as he travelled to Egypt and fought against the Turks.

This was a very lucrative trade, and he gained a great deal of wealth from it. However, he also experienced problems with the locals in his areas. These would keep him away from trading in their land, and he would then travel further East, to areas that had much more riches to be had. This is why his wealth seemed to last for such a long time, until the downfall of the Ayyubids. This dynasty, led by a Caliph, wiped out the Muslims of Arabia and wiped out most of the middle east, including Mecca.

ibn Saad built his fortress on the Red Sea, and this kept him out of harm’s way. He never reached Mecca, as the Crusades broke out. When the crusades ended, he travelled to Europe and started a trading company in Morocco. The wealth that this man and his companies brought to Morocco, made it one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

But this is not how the story ends. His wealth ran out, as did many others’. This is because Arabia, was largely unsecured and was prone to attacks from pirates. Many ships were captured, and many crewmen were killed.

After a couple of years, Abu Sufyan, recognized as the son of a Banu, decided to form an army of his own. This army was called al-Zuhaabah. One of the first things that Abu Sufyan did was to build a fort at Aqaba, on the Euphrates River. This would protect the towns along the river from any marauding tribes. This would allow merchants to settle there safely.

What the people didn’t know, was that the Banu of Mecca were jealous of their wealth. Thus, they abducted the daughter of Abu Sufyan, and demanded that he leave his fortress. When he tried to defend himself, his fortress was stormed by a force of warriors led by the governor of Mecca. Abu Sufyan was thrown into captivity. His gold and silver were taken to Mecca.

It wasn’t until 1492, that another caravan was able to cross the straits of Arabia. This was the discovery of Captain Richard Branson. He came ashore in the Red Sea and built what is now Haifa. By this time, the wealth of ibn Saad was spread all over the region. A world-wide trade was established, that still exists to this day.

There are many stories of how his wealth grew. One story is, that he went on a trading voyage with Columbus and got back a load of gold. This was unheard of. But, he undoubtedly had a great impact on the world.

Many legends surround bin Laden. Some say he was an extremely wise man, who made many valuable inventions. Others say he was a warrior, who had many successes in battle. Some even say he was a prophet.

No matter how you view him, or how you try to remember him, he was one of the most famous men of his time. If you ever want to know how rich was bin laden, look no further. This is the real history. You can go back to high school, or college, and just find the bin Laden documents. Go ahead and read them. It may be a bit strange, but it will change your whole attitude towards life, and make you much better off.

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