How Tall Was ibn Saud?

How Tall Was ibn Saud

You might wonder how tall was ibn Saud who became the first King of Saudi Arabia, or King Abdulaziz. According to local and Arabic traditions, King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman (Abu Dhabi) was born in IRA. It is believed that he was born around twenty-two years. His title of “Emir” or “Sultan” is recorded as being derived from an Arabic phrase meaning “rone”. His birth was said to have occurred at the caravan station of Al-Fuqra in Acerna on the south of Jeddah.


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The exact dates of his birth, death, and ascendancy to the throne have never been accurately determined. It is also not clear how many children he fathered. It is known that he fathered nine children. His son Hisham, died in office.

Another claim is that Hisham died of a broken heart and went into exile. Some Arabic writings indicate that Hisham was actually buried alive. This may be a reference to the tragic situation of the death of his wife, Fatima. Hisham’s younger half sister, Sulayman, became the first lady of the state, and Hisham’s descendants are known as Sulaymanis.

It is also not clear how old bin Suqadah was when he became a saint. Accounts of his life are contradictory. Many have written that he was very young when he became a prophet. Some say that he was very old when he became a saint. Stories abound about his companions. Some of them say that he was a young and handsome boy when he became a saint.

Bin Suqadah was one of the twenty-two holy men sent by Mu’ammar (or Muaz) to visit the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the grandfather of Islam. The journey to Mecca included many perils. They had to pass through the desert without water or food. They had to carry their provisions on their backs.

The people they met tried to kill them. One of them, Ghazi bin Suqadah, cut off their ears. This man was punished for this crime by being headed. He later became the chief judge of Kufah, an Arab city.

There is another account of him being a young and handsome boy when he became a prophet. It tells how he married a woman who was seventy years old. It also says that he had two daughters, Fatima and Mahalah. Later in life, he had another daughter named Safa’ah.

According to the Islamic traditions, he lived a hundred and seventy-two years and died in Mecca. The book ofils has various other versions of how he lived. Some have him being a wanderer and living in tents. Others tell of how he was a rich man, living in the caravan. All seem to be part of the same story.

In his version of how he got the name of bin Sahl, he was told that he was the son of a Banu al-Khair. A tribe of Arabs from Mecca. The Banu al-Khair is one of the oldest tribes in Mecca. They are known for their good customs and charities. It was said that when the Banu al-Khair went to war, they had to pay a visit to Mecca to consult the Qur’an. While they were there, they asked the Muslims to pray for them.

So, the people prayed and the tribesman told them that they would have a tall horse as a reward for what they had done. So, the horse was built. Soon, the Banu al-Khair were very wealthy. And so were the children of bin Suqadah. They became famous very quickly in Mecca.

How tall did bin Suqadah actually become? Some reports say that he was 360 feet tall. That is the number by which the historian Hisham Al-Kuzari wrote about him. Others say that he was no more than six feet tall. But who knows, maybe he was no more than seven feet tall.

No matter how tall was bin Suqadah, he was very popular as a leader among the Muslims. He was beloved by his troops and they looked up to him. Many of them married into his noble family. Many stayed in Mecca and built beautiful homes there. And many of them became very wealthy.

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