How was it ibn Saud appointed King of Iraq?

how was ibn saud appointed

How was it ibn Saud appointed King of Iraq?” often crops up in our minds whenever we think of the legendary story of King Abdulaziz. In fact, this very question has been bothering the minds of people all around the world since the year 1929 when it was first mentioned in the writings of a famous Persian poet. So what actually happened?


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The tale goes that the then ruler of Iraq had to abdicate the throne to his son who was away on a voyage. This caused an uproar in the court and a number of palace officials tried to prevent the abdication. They kept the throne a guarded secret for some time until they could organize an expeditionary force to defeat the expedition that was headed by their son. When the expedition did arrive, they discovered that their father had escaped and they were delighted to discover him waiting at the head quarters.

You may wonder how a simple affair could have led to a war between two countries, let alone lead to a complete humiliation for the one who had lost his son. Well, let us put this into perspective. If the two sides had fought each other in Mesopotamia, what might have been the outcome?

The outcome would have been different, for starters, if they had united under one banner. However, the two kingdoms had many differences of interest. For instance, the Shaddai ruled by Abu Talib (Abu Tabil) were always suspicious of the legitimacy of the Bay (Abu Dhabi). Thus the two had always been at odds.

Secondly, the two kingdoms also had different agendas. The Shaddai, being the conservative faction, needed to secure their rule while the Bay wanted to expand their territory and extend their control over all of Mesopotamia. Ultimately, this led to war. But how was ibn saud bezar able to claim that he was the rightful ruler of Iraq when there were many people who opposed him, some of them even went so far as to challenge his legitimacy?

Many people today know that the battle of Muzdalfa was won by the coalition of tribes, mostly from the Bay who were against Abu Talib. The capture of Muzdalfa marked the beginning of the end for Abu Talib and the Bey. The sack of Mecca also marked the start of the defeat of the Bey. For this reason, how was ibn saud bezar able to claim the throne of Iraq?

Firstly, he had allies. There were many tribal Sheikhs who saw an opportunity to expand their hold over the area of Iraq. They helped him take over the wealth and power of the weakened Abu Talib. Secondly, he had many supporters. The tribes surrounding him provided him with military and financial aid.

Thirdly, there were his advisors. The tribes would not have aided a man with whom they did not completely agree. In short, his whole army had been united against his enemies. Although his reputation was impressive and his achievements outstanding, in the end, how was ibn saud bezar able to rule?

His first mistake was believing too much of himself. He believed that he alone could defeat the enemy; this is not the case. Before Mecca fell to the Quraysh, the Banu Mustali came to fight on his behalf. But they were slaughtered at the hands of the Muslims. He was so proud of their victory, that he went straight to Mecca and cursed Abu Talib and the Quraysh.

Next, he went to expel the Jews from the holy place. Although the Banu Mustali was willing to leave, they were still captured and killed. He then turned his sword on the Quraysh and accused them of being traitors. But the truth was that the Quraysh had sided with the Banu Mustali. They had sided with Abu Talib and the Banu Al-Rabiah, who fought alongside them. Thus, when the Banu Mustali left Mecca to defeat the Muslims, the Quraysh did the same.

How was Ibn saud bezar’s patience, strength and courage displayed? For he only wanted to protect his people. He did not want them to worship any Allah’s images or to pray to any idols. He also did not want anyone to be hurt or killed. If these idol worshipers attacked Muslims, then he would protect his people.

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