What Did Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab Feel About Saud?

What Did Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab Feel About Saud

What did ibn Abd al-Wahhab feel about Saud, you might ask. During the time when he was called upon to defend his right to be called a muhaddith (lord) in a Muslim court in Persia, he had this to say: “O my lord and my master, the people of Islam have committed the greatest crimes! Those who sit on the seat of the Caliph are not immune to the satanical crimes that the people of Islam have perpetrated!”


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What did Ibn Aba Husain really feel about same? Did he consider it one of the greatest crimes committed by Islam? Did he consider it to be a crime comparable to those perpetrated by Christians and Jews during their time? This is what some people may find to be the most disturbing part of his career and his call to arms.

He did not feel that it was comparable to these other religions. To him, all religions were equal. But, of course, he went on to say that those who sit on the throne of the caliph should not be subject to the pleasures of those who had been seated there before them. In other words, he felt that those who claim to be infallible are cowards! Those who do not understand this concept are mere cowards!

What did ibn Aba Husain really feel about same? That depends on who you ask. There are those who believe that he did believe that it was a crime comparable to what had befallen the Muslims in the past. They say that he felt that it was an act of revenge and a way to get back at theievers. Such actions, they say, go against the fundamentals of Islam, which was once again brought into disrepute by the likes of Ibn Abdul-Wahhab.

This is not the first time that his thoughts on Saud had undergone change. In fact, we might even say that it was the first time that he had thought about changing his mind. This is interesting because we know that he had made this decision to turn his back on what the Mullahs had asked him to do. He had gone to the wellspring of learning outside of the fold of the Salaf, he had gathered a group of scholars, and yet, he had not come to a firm decision.

Why? For starters, the issue of the book had bothered him for some time. As it happened, the book did not have many errors. And this is something that a man like Abu Thabnam Saleh al-Dakhaleel did not like. The book was therefore not a favorite amongst the scholars. However, with the passage of time, this problem too, came to an end.

When we look into what did ibn Abd al-Wahhab feel about Saud, we find that he had changed his mind when faced with certain situations. This is what we call situational reasoning, a concept that he had developed over his life. You see, this concept had permitted him to think about the various circumstances that had affected the various facets of his personality. With these circumstances in mind, he was then able to get over his aversion to Saud.

And what about his attitude to the Saud affair? Did he consider it an embarrassment or a betrayal of his intelligence and sense of fairness? And what about his feelings towards the Moroccan government? Did he feel that they were trying to trap him? Did he consider them opportunistic of the worst kind? We will be looking into these questions and more as we move forward through the pages of his book.

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