What Role Did Ibn Saud Play In Promoting Arab Nationalism?

What Role Did Ibn Saud Play In Promoting Arab Nationalism

We all know that Ibn Saud plays a lot of role in the development of Arab and Arab’s history. However, exactly, what role did Ibn Saud play in promoting Arab nationalism? Let’s discover this topic with below article.


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When we consider the real contribution of scholars like Ibn Arab, we find that they were not in the least bit interested in political struggle or nation-building. Rather, they saw their task as teaching people how to worship Allah in a way that was acceptable to Muslims and Jews alike. This is one reason that we are not likely to hear much about Arab successes in Islamic history, and indeed very little about the failures that occurred in those times. For such a scenario to have played out in the manner that it did, there would have had to be some powerful socio-economic forces behind Arab rule that would have had to be strong enough to force the Jews and the Muslims to work together. We cannot see this kind of intervention from Islamic history, which is why we cannot understand how ibn had played such a role.

what role did ibn saud play in promoting arab nationalism

The reality is that the rise of nation-states like Iraq and Iran under Islamism is all the more unlikely. The reality is that all these nations wish to become closer to the United States of America and to the West today. That does not require the kind of hard-headedness that characterizes the way the Arabs behave when dealing with fellow Arabs. What is likely to happen is that some group within the Muslim world will start to look to other Muslims to provide moral support.

We do know that the Moroccan clan headed by Abu Tabil was instrumental in sponsoring a delegation of Sunnis to Washington D.C. in 1997 to plead their case before the UN Security Council. This is yet another example of how Ibn Arab’s hard-headed approach to combating anti-Western sentiment helped him make an impact in his homeland. However, his advocacy for Muslim immigration into the Western world may not help him promote Muslim nationalism in Morocco or elsewhere.

Now then, we are presented with another problem. A scholar who denounces the very concept of a “Umma” or nation states that such a nation is an oxymoron because a nation is a group of people bound together by a common heritage. This is problematic because, although the Moroccan clan headed by Abu Tabil did succeed in bringing about a union between Morocco and Algeria, it failed to create a nation state. That is, they created a confederacy which included both Morocco and Algeria, but they were two different entities.

In short, the real truth about what role did Ibn arab play in promoting Arab nationalism is that he did not play any role at all. Now then, the second problem is this. The scholars who write about his theories as to how to nationalize the Arab countries and recreate the Ottoman Empire are not correct. They are merely repeating what has already been said many times over by many scholars. There is nothing new under the sun in regards to the subject of how to nationalize Arab countries.

We will present an alternative view of how to nationalize Arab countries rather than repeating what has already been said. This alternative view is based upon what role did Ibn arab play in promoting racism. The truth is that many scholars claim that he had nothing to do with the creation of the united Arab states, or that he did not have any influence on the foundation of those states. The reality however, is that during his time, he had indeed great impact in the development of Islam in the middle east. This impact was not only limited to the development of mosques, but was also a form of intellectual dialogue that took place during his time.

During his time he developed a theory of faith, which is the root of all that is today known as fundamentalism. During his time this was not considered by Muslims as a legitimate religion, but rather as a mere political ideology that suited their purposes. In light of what role did Ibn arab play in promoting racism, one could see why many people claim that his theory of faith in Islam, which is the theory of monotheism, was the main driving force behind all that is today known as the spread of Arabic language and culture. It is easy to see how such a thesis would be sustained, especially after we look at how his followers took to him and the impact he had upon the development of Islam in the middle east.

When discussing the question of what role did Ibn arab play in promoting racism, one must remember that many scholars have disputed his role. Most notably, Saleh Al-Rasoul, a renowned specialist on the language and history of the Arabic language, has maintained that it was the advent of the Arab Empire that played a major role in the spread of Arabic language and culture. Others such as Amira El Nasr have maintained that Ibn arab never existed. The truth is that we are at the mercy of our knowledge.

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