What Was the Abdelaziz ibn Saud?

What Was the Abdelaziz ibn Saud


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The story about what was the Abdelaziz ibn Saud is related in a few strands and the whole subject has been treated exhaustively by the author. We have here an account of how Abdelazeez went to the war and fought on the side of the Crusaders and then went into exile when the city of Jerusalem fell to the Crusaders. The fall of Jerusalem to the Crusaders was one of the biggest shocks to the Muslims all over the world and led to much bloodshed. Abdelazeez played a major role in the campaign that took place against the Crusaders in 1099.

The writer tells us that Abdelazeez was in the household of the Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, when he went to the battle field with the Companion of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Abu Tabil, as well as some other men. He fought and died while fighting. After his death, his son Abu Zaid took over the command of the household and the company and its various affairs. It was because of this success that the two companies became known as the Abduz Ghazi or Black Company. Later on they were absorbed by the Fatimid dynasty of Egypt.

The second part of the story relates how the two companies in the past had been incorporated in the league of the Holy Land. They were given this name because of their victory in the battle field. One company from the said company was allowed to stay and settle in the city of Jerusalem. This company was eventually absorbed by the Jews as part of their army and later on they became one of the most important companies that fought against the Crusaders. The Crusaders did not like the idea of being absorbed by an Arab company though.

The history books tell us that the House of Saud had decided to allow the Jews to settle in the holy land. Thus the House of Saud was born. However, the House of Saud wanted the Jews to build a synagogue temple. But the Islamic princes insisted that the House of Saud must first complete this building. So the House of Saud was forced to build the synagogue temple instead.

According to the Islamic story, after the House of Saud rejected the proposal of having a synagogue temple built by one company, the House of Saud decided to build two companies instead. One company was made up of twenty people from the Ashkenazi Jews of Khayyam. These Jews had been allowed to settle in Khayyam because they were allowed by the Saudi king to settle there.

This is how the two companies ended up with the same name. And according to the Islamic version of the story, the twenty-one-year-old man went on a business trip to Khayyam and ended up killing his entire family and then himself. The Islamic Brothers killed him so they could set up their kingdom.

So according to the Islamic version of the story, which I believe to be factual, the House of Saud needed two companies in order for them to fulfill their agreement with the Jews. They also needed twenty one-year-old Khayyam men to sacrifice himself. But in the Islamic faith there are only seven verses that are absolutely true according to the Islamic faith. So according to this account, the twenty one-year-old man ended up killing his whole family and then himself. However, some scholars have challenged this account because they feel it might not be historically accurate, especially since Khayyam was a very famous place in the early days of Islam. In any case, both these companies played a part in the formation of the House of Saud.

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