When did ibn Saud conquer Hejaz?

When did ibn Saud conquer Hejaz

When did ibn Saud conquer Hejaz? This age of Crusaders when Islam spread throughout the globe and Arabia was the principle state was a time when all lands wanted to be converted to Islam. The expansion of Islam in conquering lands was accompanied by the spread of Arabic language and culture. As more tribes and people started accepting Islam, the umma or tribal council decided to appoint a Hijir who would be the leader of the new tribe.


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In Arabic, the word for “leader” is “salam”, which means prophet. “When did ibn saud al-Saud come to hear?” We have many answers to this question depending on how we want to interpret the history of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Some Muslims believe that he was born when the caravan of Quraysh was attacked by the Quraish, but according to some sources, he migrated to Medina around 600 AH. If we look at all the events of the religion’s growth, it is clear that the umma or tribal council was not very keen on giving the throne to an infant who was not even born when the elders had the dream of him being the next prophet.

The most important question is, when did ibn saud al-Saud come to hear? This subject has been discussed many times in the hadith and biography books of the prophet Muhammad (SAW), and numerous Scholars have written about it in their works. Some of them are Ghayy fi Sharaf wa Al-Nujum ud-din as-Sajd Allahi, by Noumani, Sharik and Al-Zubair. Then there is the book by Abu Muhammad al-Baraqi entitled “Ameen by Dama Allam” (In the shade of the mahometan).

There is another version of the time when the beard was not yet grown. This time is mentioned by the hadith where the hadith states that the tribesmen came to him when he was only twenty-one years old. This implies that the tribesmen came to him before he reached puberty, and that is when he was called “Bani Mustafa”. Therefore Bani Mustafa means twenty-one in Arabic, which is exactly what the hadith says.

Therefore when did bin Saud al-Saud come to Hejaz, according to the Islamic credal tradition? Well there are various references, some more reliable than others. Some say that when he got to Mecca around the age of thirty, and when he married Zakia bint Harith, then he went back to Medina and stayed with his father and grandfathers.

Other sources say that he was somewhere in his twenties and got married to a lady called Safiyya. Some even say that he was in his thirties when he got married. These days, according to Islamic tradition, a woman must remain under thirty years of age if she is to be considered an adult. Therefore, if we are to believe these two accounts, bin Laden’s marriage to Safiyya took place when he was in his twenties. This could have been a factor in the US invasion of Afghanistan, as it would suggest that Bin Laden did know of the attack on the Twin Towers just before they happened.

However, the most credible Islamic source on the question of when did bin Laden come to hear, is UAE (Unites Arab Emirates) head Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan. He is the head of the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates and has also been given the responsibility for leading the fight against Islamic terrorism in all of Muslim nations. In fact, he is very close to the leadership of Pakistan, Egypt and other Muslim countries, which also happens to form part of the UAE. If bin Laden and Zayed did meet and work together at some point during or after the September 11th attacks on America, we should be very sure of that. The fact that bin Laden escaped from Pakistan after the twin towers fell is further proof that he was very closely involved in the planning and execution of the attacks.

This information should put our minds at ease when it comes to discovering when did bin Laden come to Hejaz. If this information is verified and proven, this could only mean that he visited Pakistan at some time during the year or perhaps even the month of 2021. The only way to find out for sure is to get access to either the flight records or the luggage records of the passengers who boarded the aircraft that carried out the attacks. We also have to make sure that there was a cooperation between our intelligence agencies before and after the September 11th attacks. If there was an assist from Pakistani authorities, then that would be additional proof that our nation’s intelligence community kept tabs on bin Laden as he moved around.

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