When Did ibn Saud Conquer Nejd?

When Did ibn Saud Conquer Nejd

During the early centuries, when did ibn Saud conquer Nejd? During the time of his birth, the location of this city was known by the name of Nasr and it was here that Abu’a al-Khasa stayed as the capital of the Khorasans. The history of this city during those times was characterized by three different cultures coming together, one of them being the Berbers from Morocco. In addition to that, it was the home of the Berber language, which was the most spoken language in Khorasan at that time.


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It is obvious that when did the city of Khorasan develop into a major trading post along the trade routes linking the East and the West. This was possible because of the perfect setting which the city had for trade. The place was rich in date palm trees, which are the major source of date, especially in winter. There were many Berber inscriptions on the walls, which speak about the glory of this era when this city was bustling with activity. The Berbers migrated to Khorasan and settled here peacefully when they realized that living here was a way to guarantee their social and economic well being.

What was happening in Khorasan at that time was the rise of the Muslim Empire. As trade flourished, this led to the development of Islam across the cities of Khorasan. This marked the beginning of the 9th century when did ibn saud abu dhabi conquer the city of Nasr. When did the Nasrid Empire fall under the sway of the Muslims?

This city served as the capital of the Nasrid Empire. When did bin and reach to Nasr after conquering it? It is said that he did so when he reached Bagdha (also known as Haigha) on the road to Mecca. That is why we call this place Haigha Ben Ghazi or House of the Two mosques. Thus, when did bin and reach to Nasr after conquering it?

According to the legend, it was in the year 627 AH when did bin and reach to the city of Mecca. He stayed here for three years. Then, in the year 632, he departed from this city to continue his journey to Cairo and to serve God. It is also believed that he was driven out by the Franks who were occupying the country then. However, he came back to this city with a large army and fought the army of the Franks.

There is also another version of how did bin Saud come to the city of Mecca. It is also considered to be true and is told that when he went to Mecca, his troops fought the Bedouins and they were pushed to the wall. They then remained there for three months until the Franks came to help them. It is believed that during this time, he gathered together some of his troops and they laid down their arms and retired to the capital of Nasr.

Many people believe that the Franks made this city their capital, while others say that it was the son of Allah, Umar, who helped them to conquer the city. Whatever is the version of the true story, one thing is certain that during the rule of Umar, the Franks established their capital in Nasr and the Fatimid dynasty took effect in 10 RA. The Fatims lived in the city for almost two centuries. Their capital was the city of Makkah. When did bin Saad attain complete power over Nasr?

Some historians suggest that the year 11 RA, when the Fatimids were established as a dynasty, Nasr was in the midst of a severe drought. This happened due to the war that was going on between the Crusaders and the Muslims in the Holy Land. Nasr was under pressure from its two neighbors, both Islamic and Jewish, and thus the city lost its status as a vital trade center. But gradually, it was able to regain its place as a trade center and thus, was able to defeat the Jews in 11 RA and the Islamic Empire was established in its place.

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