Which Nation Was Unified by Abd Al Aziz As the Head of State?

Which Nation Was Unified by Abd Al Aziz

“If we could find a way to prove that Allah is one nation and that Islam is the religion of one nation, then we could solve our problem once and for all,” said an individual who thinks along the Muslim religious divide lines. I would like to point out here that there is absolutely no dispute in this part of the debate. The only argument that has been advanced so far is on whether or not Allah is one nation. This is not a debate on whether or not Islam is a religion or merely a government form in which to practice Islam. And there is absolutely nothing to be gained by arguing this point. It is a debate that will never end because it is a part of the truth. We are left with the other question which nation was unified by Abd al Aziz ibn Saud?


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In order to answer this question, we must delve into history and probe to the roots of Islam so that we can see how this religion has spread out across the globe and how it started out. And we need to look at all of the nations that practiced Islam as a religion or which nation was the first to practice Islam as a state. The answer is none of them. It is irrelevant what they did, what their intentions were, or what their past was.

All of these were Muslim, and all of them practiced Islam. We know that. And it doesn’t matter how they acted, what their past was, or what their intentions were. The truth is that all of these are Islamic religions.

There is only one factor that affects the spread of all these different Islamic religions, and that is change. The more change there is in a society which practices Islam, the more it spreads out and becomes a wave which sweeps through the entire world. Think about it; when the Roman Empire swept through Spain and the Christian nations followed suit, what effect did that have on their respective cultures and societies? Nothing whatsoever, other than the fact that those nations which followed Rome soon became absorbed by the Roman Empire.

What happened in Europe with the collapse of the Roman Empire? Nothing whatsoever. Muslim immigrants who had previously lived in the Christian countries suddenly found themselves free to worship as they pleased, without the interference of Christians. They didn’t even feel a hitch because their religion was the same as the Europeans, and they had simply adapted to it.

This is the way Islam will spread throughout the world, if it does not already. But the problem comes in when we find a government which has a lot of diversity, and in which many different sects and groups are governed by religion. The unity of a nation is based on one government, which is the head of state. And which nation is the right government for which certain sects of people should live?

It is very dangerous for the United States of America to allow that nation was united by Abd Al Azeez as our President. Our nation is a melting pot, which means various groups from various religions and ethnic backgrounds have made themselves comfortable in our country. A lot of them work and raise their children here. Some of them are doctors, architects, accountants, teachers and so on. Should all of America become multicultural, which I believe is not the right direction to go in, then I fear for our future.

All the nations of the world bleed America, as we now know. We have given our land to the Chinese, as they have promised to do so. Germany has promised to repay the United States, which has granted them our gold. Iran is doing everything possible to build nuclear weapons, which can put off our enemy’s nuclear strikes, which could destroy us. Which nation was united by Abd Al Azeez as the head of state, or should we say, which nation was united by common ancestors before? Consider this in 2021.

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