Who defeated Muhammad ibn Saud?

Who defeated Muhammad ibn Saud

The question of who defeated Muhammad ibn Saud and his companions is a very relevant one. This question should be the topic of many seminars and discussions. Those who think the answer to this question should be easy should read Tablet of the Rock (Kitab al-Miraj). This book, written by Mir Abdul Basit Muqdad al-Miraj, offers detailed information on the battles fought by the Messenger of God, may Allah bestow His blessings upon him and all his companions. It includes a short history of Islam, the pillars of Islam and the essence of each of them.


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The book is organized into two parts. Part One comprises the events that took place during the early days of Islam. This indicates what happened during the time of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.)

It is interesting to note here that after the death of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) the Islam community was scattered and there were few leaders. Only a few leaders like ‘Abu Dhabi Muiad, Husain bin Zayed, and Sayyid Imam Husain, provided leadership for the believers. There were no general meetings or even recognized ulama or grand ayahs. This is also indicated in Tablet of the Rock as the reason why the early Muslims did not accept the revelations made to them.

The second part consists of the events that took place after the death of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). It indicates that the expansion of Islam was slow because there were no clear leaders. This caused disputes between the people of different communities and eventually confusion and disputes developed into armed conflicts.

This book is indeed a unique source. It provides a detailed description of the events of the Holy War. A concise yet a deep analysis of these events is presented here. The reader will definitely learn a lot from Tablet of the Rock and this is evident from its Cover. It provides an insight that the reader will surely gain a lot from.

One thing that is very interesting about Tablet of the Rock is that it provides historical context of the period. This is especially useful for students who want to know about the period of time when Christianity was on the decline. They will be able to understand why this happened. They will also be able to see how this indirectly contributed to the rise of Islam.

The events of the Holy War had a great impact on the psyche of the people. They were traumatized by what happened. They wanted to know who was responsible for this defeat. This enabled them to build their morale and determination to fight. This result is visible in the way the tribes fought during the conquest of the Indus basin.

One can conclude that the answer to who defeated Muhammad bin Saoud is still unknown. This is because the historical evidences do not support his defeat. However, he was no doubt defeated. There are just too many theories and stories that surround his life but all seem to be in relation to his death. This is the reason why there are still a number of scholars who claim that he is dead.

The most popular myth is about how the expedition was commanded by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Some of his followers became disenchanted when they realized they were not included in it. They took this as a sign that Muhammad was no longer alive. Others say that Muhammed bin Laden did it on his own. It is very difficult to prove either one of these statements.

There are some who say that the expedition was commanded by the Caliph and the people followed because they felt safe. They were not informed about the numbers, location and the actual mission. There were just too many details that were not discussed and the wrong people were picked to go on the mission.

There are also people who believe that the battle of Muqdad was a victory for Islam. They say that all the tribes in the region took part in it. But this too is not true. There were only six tribes that fought on the ground and they were the Berbers from Morocco.

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