Who Suggested to ibn Saud that Oil can Lie beneath his Kingdom?

who suggested to ibn Saud that oil can lie beneath his kingdom

There is an old story that can explain who suggested to ibn Saud that oil can lie beneath his kingdom. Let’s find out who was this person and how he did that in this below article.


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Many centuries ago an Arab caravan from the Islamic Empire came to an impasse in the desert. They were about to defeat the Jews and capture the kingdom of Muzdalfah. Their leader was a wise man by the name of Abu’a al-Kadir. One day, as he and his companions were sitting around the campfire, he said to them, “The Jewish people have the most powerful army that I have ever seen. And if we take them we will be safe and sound.”

They replied, “Yes, your Highness, but they are on the side of evil. They are against Allah, His Messenger and the believers of Islam. If we allow them to stay then they will do us more harm than good. They will convert to Christianity and kill innocent civilians.” The king heard this, and he said, “That is why I cannot allow you to stay. You must leave or you will be taken to court.

When the caravan left, the Jews who remained in the city cried out loud, “O God, give us peace! Your servants swear that the Arab troops would never fight against you. Your Highness, how could this be so? Your palace is in this city, this is our home. How could we attack this man whom we have sworn to protect?”

The king responded, “Then why did you bring up the subject in the first place? Why not just try to win over the people with scholarship and intelligence? If they do not believe in you, then neither will they ever believe in anything you say or do. You may try your magic spell or magical potions, but that will not work. The people will not accept or agree with what you say and your Kingdom will end up as a failure.

“So, your Highness, if you wish me to go back to my kingdom, then I will. I promise you that if you do, then I will build you a bigger one, stronger than all of those that have gone before. You will never be defeated, Your Majesty, your Kingdom will be undisputed, and your name will be praised and sung in all the lands and nations. And what your people need to understand is this, that although you are not your rightful throne, your Kingdom is still yours and no matter where you go people will still recognize you.

But, as with all subjects of power, this subject became too much for King Mustahid. It was his desire that only a few people, those closest to him would know of his greatness. He realized he had to keep quiet about his greatness, and that meant not making it very public. Mustahid had a great deal to hide, even from his own subjects. One day, at a meeting between the king and his advisors, he suddenly blurted out “Alone I have discovered a secret that you may not know about me, yet it concerns your kingdom.”

Nobody was in the mood to hear his thoughts on oil and his title of “king”. “Who suggested saud that oil could lie beneath my kingdom?” asked Mustahid. “I merely meant that if you become the greatest amongst your people then you will be guaranteed a title of kingly status.”

Mustahid was quite taken aback by this revelation. “How can he do that? How dare I become the greatest among my people? The throne is mine!” cried Mustahid, enraged.

The king looked somewhat taken aback by this suggestion, and Mustahid was all the more bewildered. “Just now you seem to be going backwards. You are suggesting that I am a dishonest king?” retorted the king. “No, you are wrong, your subjects have no idea what you have done.”

Mustahid smiled slightly and replied, “Your subjects did not know anything. But since you are here they are bound to know something. You made me the viceroy and I promised to give you something in return. What is it?” said Mustahid. To his disappointment the King merely repeated his previous statement that he was willing to give him something “in return” for his interference.

Mustahid realized that he had been tricked and the trickster had cleverly played with his emotions. He could not understand how anyone could think that he was an honest man when in truth he was nothing but ambitious. The conman did succeed in making Mustahid angry and the anger of the king may have been so strong that Mustahid had to arrange an audience for the king with the rajah of Mecca. When they had gathered the king and the rajah were seated beside each other and the king asked “What did you offer me in return for my intercession, Rajah?”

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