Why Did ibn Saud Use Modern Technology With Him When He Traveled to Arabia?

why did ibn Saud use modern technology

The question many have regarding the question of why did ibn Saud use modern technology is that the answer is simply one word, and that is, convenience. This is an obvious answer and yet, it overlooks the many hundreds of years before his time who actually were using such things as the compass, or even had such things as wheels to allow them to traverse the desert sands, among other inventions. It is easy to see why people might think that a technological past would somehow prevent the present, especially when it seems that everyone today is stuck using the same kinds of things that our forefathers did. However, what this does not mean is that this is a good thing. In fact, by embracing the things that our forefathers did, we stand a better chance at being successful in the future.


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If we look at how things progressed, one can see how things such as clocks and navigation were invented. By understanding how these items worked, we would then be able to understand how to make them work in our day-to-day lives. This would in turn allow us to understand why we would need such items, and why we would need them in such great numbers in the future. It would be possible to use such things as a form of communication between ourselves and our friends and enemies in many ways.

The problem is however, that we cannot go back in time and change the decisions our forefathers made in the past. What we can do is try to understand their motivation, their reasons for carrying out such technological feats, and try to emulate them in our own day-to-day lives. The key reason why we would need such technology, therefore, becomes evident when we realize that we would need such technology if we ever want to travel back in time.

In order to understand this further, we need to look at why people would travel in the first place. There are two obvious reasons, and both are logical. Either they would be interested in understanding the world in general or in resolving some kind of temporal paradox, or perhaps both.

The first logical reason would be to gain knowledge about the world in general, or to understand how the modern world functioned. For example, if we are to travel back in time, it would be important to find out how people obtained money. Such knowledge might then be useful for understanding the process of accumulation at a particular time in history. This would be useful to create the first currency, which would allow us to have a unit of measure that would allow us to travel back in time and learn more about the way money works today.

The second logical reason would be to solve some kind of temporal paradox. For example, if we travel back in time and discover that all cultures had advanced communication technologies, but yet no real roads were available to travel between them. The answer to this question might lead to explanations for why cities did not develop until much later. It may also provide clues as to why some places on earth have seem to have developed at a much faster pace than others, while others seem to have stagnated or even collapsed.

When people go back in time, they would need to have the means to travel back in time. They would need to find a good source of air transport, and this in itself is clearly implied by the use of modern cities. People would also have to have means of communication, and this again implies that this was understood from the very beginning. It is clear that there would need to be ways of traveling back and forth between these cities, as well as between other areas in the world.

Some of this technology did come from Arabia, but it was not exactly what we think of when we think of Arabia. If people would travel back in time to before written history, they would have seen that Arabia did not have the level of technological advancement that we do today. This means that the reason why did ibn Saud use modern technology was because he himself did not yet have this type of technology. It is obvious that he would never have made such a mistake if he had known what he was doing, as he would certainly have used it. Therefore, we can know why did ibn Saud use such technology, and why did he choose to carry it with him?

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